Technical Manager on site


On November 20, a customer encountered the problem of not being able to find the corresponding screws when installing a rental screen for the first time. In this regard, iSEMC expressed its concern for customers and urgently arranged for senior technical managers to go to the project site in person on their rest days, bringing corresponding accessories to guide installation and solve problems on site. This considerate service helps customers successfully complete Christian Evangelistic Church activities.


**Senior Technical Manager On-Site Support:**

Facing the urgent needs of customers, iSEMC senior technical managers stepped forward on their rest days. Bring the required accessories, rush to the project site quickly, and personally guide the installation work. Through his professional guidance, the customer successfully solved the problems encountered during the installation process and ensured the normal operation of the rental screen.


**Successfully assisted Christian evangelical church activities:**

With the assistance of a Senior Technical Manager, the client was able to successfully complete a Christian Evangelical Church event. iSEMC's thoughtful and efficient services reflect its great emphasis on customer needs and ensure the smooth progress of the event.


**Rave reviews:**

With the on-site support of iSEMC's senior technical manager, the rental screen presented excellent display effects, and the customer was very satisfied with iSEMC's full range of services in the project. Customers on site left messages one after another expressing their sincere gratitude to iSEMC for its professionalism and care.

 LED video wall

**More rental screens will be delivered again:**

After receiving unanimous praise from customers, iSEMC decided to send more rental screens to the country again on November 28. This is an affirmation of customer trust and a full recognition of the quality of iSEMC products and services.



iSEMC senior technical managers provide emergency support at critical moments for customers, solve installation problems for customers, and successfully assist in completing Christian Evangelistic Church activities. High customer satisfaction and praise are the best feedback for iSEMC's professional services. This successful support experience has also deepened the trust relationship between iSEMC and customers, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.


On August 24, Indonesia held an important educational equipment exhibition, attracting school leaders, Ministry of Education officials, and important figures in the education sector from all over the country.

It is worth mentioning that the Deputy Minister of Education also visited the venue, making this exhibition particularly eye-catching.

In this high-profile event, iSEMC became the focus with its excellent product performance, and its educational live broadcast and recording platform CRS (Cloud Recording System) attracted much attention.

Won numerous orders within a period. In addition, iSEMC generously sponsored IFP and LED displays, which added a lot to the exhibition.

At the Educational Equipment Exhibition held in Indonesia on August 24, iSEMC became the focus of its outstanding performance.

As a leading educational live broadcast recording platform provider, iSEMC not only received unanimous praise but also received numerous orders in less than a week after the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that iSEMC also sponsored IFP and LED displays at the exhibition, further increasing the exposure of the exhibition.

iSEMC employee introduces the equipment


The Indonesian Educational Equipment Exhibition on August 24 is an important moment for iSEMC, a giant in the field of education technology.

The event attracted education professionals, institutions, and technology enthusiasts and was considered an important platform to showcase iSEMC's innovative solutions and gain widespread recognition.


**iSEMC debuts:**

iSEMC’s exhibit is filled with innovation, excellence, and solutions that transform education.

As a company that provides cutting-edge education solutions, iSEMC demonstrated its flagship product CRS (Cloud Recording System), which immediately attracted the attention of attendees.

With its advanced functionality, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface, CRS demonstrates the potential to transform the way educational content is delivered.


**Significant interest and surge in orders:**

iSEMC’s CRS generated significant interest from show attendees.

It is loved by educators and educational institutions for its ability to facilitate remote learning, record lectures, and enhance the overall educational experience.

Just one week after the event, iSEMC received an order from CRS, proving that its position in the education technology field had undergone fundamental changes.

iSEMC is at the exhibition

**Support Education: IFP and LED Display Sponsorship:**

iSEMC’s solutions for the education field are not only reflected in its innovative products.

The company also sponsored IFP and LED displays for the show.

These cutting-edge technologies not only added value to the event but also demonstrated iSEMC’s comprehensive approach to transforming education through technology.

Employee introduction products


The Indonesian Educational Equipment Show on August 24 was an important moment for iSEMC, as the company showcased its revolutionary CRS and generated a huge surge in interest and orders in a short period.

iSEMC further emphasizes its leadership position by sponsoring IFP and LED displays.

This success highlights iSEMC’s commitment to improving the educational experience and its critical role in shaping the future of education through innovation.

av over ip

AV over IP (Audiovisual over Internet Protocol) technology has been around for more than a decade; hailed as a revolutionary innovation in the AV industry for its potential to transmit data from multiple sources to a huge number of outputs.

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