Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

Pixel pitch from 0.6mm to 10mm, whether it is outdoor or indoor, iSEMC LED video wall panels always have a suitable for your project.

Indoor LED Video Wall Series

COB Series LED Video Wall

COB Series

- Full Flip Chip Process
- Adjustable Brightness
- High stability
- Low Brightness with High Gray Scale
- Simple structure integrated control
- High protection
- Ultra-high Contract ratio with 10000:1
- Energy saving & Environmental protection
- High reliability with long service life
TW21 Series LED Video Wall

TW21 Series

- High Definition Image Quality
- Easy to Achieve 4K or higher Resolution
- More Delicate Image Display
- Professional Image With High Refresh Rate
- High Quality Material
- Excellent Performance
Create a different visual focus in the room and perfectly display various high-demand video effects. The product has many advantages such as light weight, high brightness, high light transmittance, low power consumption, and fine appearance.
GOB Series Indoor LED Video Wall

GOB Series

- 4:3 Cabinet Design
- Redundant Power Supply and Signal Back Up
- Patented Anti-moire Mask Technology
- Low Brightness with High Gray Scale
- Professional Image with High Refresh Rate
- Flexible Curve Display
SP Series LED Video Wall

SP Series

- Ultra-light and ultra-thin
- High resolution, no image trail
- Customized to upgrade
- 140° super large viewing angle
- Quick and flexible installation
- High contrast design
- Technical design mask, clear play effect

Outdoor LED Video Wall Series

Benefit from high brightness, durability, visibility and customizability

OD21 Series

  • Multiplied file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive. There are also interfaces for Sound signal and video signal.
  • High grade grey control system and the color is over 16.7 million, and the brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma can be adjusted by manual and sensor.
  • Show all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2-dimention, 3-dimention cartoon and other information with your PC does synchronously.
  • Can be connected with PC and the web net and show the content, and also can be controlled remotely.
  • Can be used outdoor in all kinds of weather, and excellent capability of waterproof.
OD21 Series LED Video Wall
HOD LED  Outdoor

HOD Series

  • Hight Brightness: HOD outdoor LED displays is easily visible in daylight and under bright sunlight. Look for displays with a high brightness rating to ensure good visibility.
  • Good weather resistance: HOD outdoor LED displays designed to withstand exposure to rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Look for displays with an IP65 or higher rating to ensure weather-resistant.
  • Wide viewing angle: HOD outdoor LED display with a wide viewing angle ensures that it can be seen clearly from a range of different positions and angles.
  • Better contrast ratio: The contrast ratio of HOD outdoor LED display are generally better,against a bright background.
  • Well energy efficiency: HOD outdoor LED displays have energy-efficient to help minimize running costs.
  • Suitable pixel pitch: HOD Series display have smaller pixel pitch which results in higher image resolution and better picture quality.
  • Good connectivity: HOD outdoor LED displays can be controlled remotely using a computer or mobile device.
  • Special modular design: HOD outdoor LED displays with unique cabinet design –Easy to Install & Transport.
LED Digital Signage

LED Digital Signage

- lmmersive Visual Experience
- Plug and Play Media Player
- Hot Swappable Front Access Module and Cableless Connection
- Awesome lmage with lntelligent Content Monitoring & Management
Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Wall

She was bouncing away, when a cry from the two women, who had turned towards the bed, caused her to look round.

TR Series

Lighter Design

Considering the performance and performance of the product, the LED transparent display uses more lightweight materials

Modularization Enables Size Customization

Lightweight modular frame optimized to ensure perfect alignment when assembled into finished product

Easy to Maintain

Targeted module maintenance, usually completed within a few minutes

LED Digital Signage

Rental LED Video Wall

RE Series

- Integrated Modularized Design
- Anti-collsion Design
- Easy for installation
- Wide Viewing Angle
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