TW21 Series LED Video Wall

TW21 Series LED Video Wall

- 4:3 Cabinet Design
- Redundant Power Supply and Signal Back Up
- Patented Anti-moire Mask Technology
- Low Brightness with High Gray Scale
- Professional Image with High Refresh Rate
- Flexible Curve Display

OD21 Series LED Video Wall - Outdoor

  • Multiplied file formats, such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB are comprehensive. There are also interfaces for Sound signal and video signal.
  • High grade grey control system and the color is over 16.7 million, and the brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma can be adjusted by manual and sensor.
  • Show all kinds of word, text, graph, picture, video, 2-dimention, 3-dimention cartoon and other information with your PC does synchronously.
  • Can be connected with PC and the web net and show the content, and also can be controlled remotely.
  • Can be used outdoor in all kinds of weather, and excellent capability of waterproof.
OD21 Series LED Video Wall
LED Digital Signage

LED Digital Signage

- lmmersive Visual Experience
- Plug and Play Media Player
- Hot Swappable Front Access Module and Cableless Connection
- Awesome lmage with lntelligent Content Monitoring & Management
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