A simple and cost-effective solution in the control room. The flexibility of AV-over-IP allows it to have higher bandwidth, longer distance transmission,and even the possibility of combining into a larger and more complex system.

What is AV OVER IP

In essence, it is the transmission of audiovisual data through a network such as a local area network, a wide area network or the Internet.In applications in various fields, IP distribution has long been accepted and respected by users.

The Future of the Control Room - AV OVER IP

iSEMC AV Over IP platform makes your control room capabilities quick, easy and affordableBuilt as stand-alone modules and support up to 8K signal input and output, the NPK may beinstalled anywhere they are needed in your network to capture, control and display real-timeinformation sources.


With the development of IT technology, anytime, anywhere "IP" control room solutions such as "cloud technology" and "collaboration" are being brewed in the professional

AV industry, bringing users a different experience from the past

Visual MediaManagement

Visual Media

It supports the echo and preview of the display terminal, truly realizes the WYSIWYG of large-screen management, and can provide mainstream, auxiliary stream, and preview stream on demand
Unified Conference Control Management

Unified Conference Control Management

The client software supports the conference control function of video conference, and supports functions such as meeting template, meeting initiation and ending, personnel invitation, mute/microphone closing, etc
Support Environmental Programming

Support Environmental Programming

There is no need for third-party equipment, and the environmental control programming based on IO, IR, RS232, RJ45, and relay is realized
Camera Tracking

Camera Tracking

Without the help of third-party devices, it supports camera tracking function, so that the speaker can be displayed on the screen in real time when meeting the meeting scene
One-Click Screen And Mirroring

One-Click Screen And Mirroring

In important usage scenarios, in order to avoid errors or control multiple screens at the same time through a single operation, you can use the same screen or mirror function to meet diversified usage needs
Large-Screen Intelligent Display

Large-Screen Intelligent Display

The large screen supports applications such as banners, subtitles, base maps, and station logos, which can display more content in addition to displaying streaming media signal resources to meet diversified needs.
Docking Of Monitoring Platforms

Docking Of Monitoring Platforms

It can realize the docking of mainstream monitoring platforms through GB or SDK, and can realize the visual management of monitoring media sources
Ultra-High Resolution Access Management

Ultra-High Resolution Access Management

It supports ultra-high resolution access and management capabilities, and provides point-to-point better display effects
Take Screenshots With One Click

Take Screenshots With One Click

Important images, support one-click screenshot on the client for secondary data analysis and extraction, one-click capture of multiple high-definition picture image information
Screen Splicing

Screen Splicing

Support large-screen splicing function: support LCD LCD/LED/DLP screen and other types of screen splicing display, high-precision synchronization calibration, distributed node synchronization error ≤ 0.01ms;
Source Retrieval

Source Retrieval

In a large number of signals, it supports quick positioning of the signal source through the search bar, which greatly improves the efficiency of control
Soft KVM

Soft KVM

Support on the client software, support to take over the front-end signal source, and control the inside of the signal source, if the PPT page media playback ring control and other functions
Multi-Platform Unified Management

Multi-Platform Unified Management

Paperless real-world display, full-function audio docking, PTZ control, central control, recording and broadcasting, and power system management truly realize multi-platform unified management
Scene Scheduling

Scene Scheduling

Scene saving and scheduling are supported, scenes can be custom programmed, a set of scenes can contain multiple screens, multiple audio processing, and other peripherals can also be triggered on a timeline schedule
Video Conferencing Docking

Video Conferencing Docking

It supports the direct display of the high-definition bitstream of the video conference system on the screen, instead of displaying the synthetic stream in a back-to-back manner, and can realize visual management


Full-link 4K60, a single NPK node supports 8K resolution output and decoding.

Restructure The Future Of Audio & Video

With powerful transmission and input functions and ultra-clear 8Kpicture quality, you can experience different feelings and appreciate unique scenes.


Server, encoder, decoder,network, power supply full link backup.


Supports multi-network converged communication, audio, video and control can be transmitted across networks.

One-way confidential transmission of data from a low-security level network to a high-security level network.



The underlying IP is opened up to realize the connection of multi-platform information flow and realize.

Distributed Interactive System Solutions

With the NP Series platform, you’ll have ore flexibility andscalability to acquire dditional high quality, remote video and control signals over IP networks, giving our team more data at one time from ultiple locations. And, it’s HDCP compliant, allowing for the transport of protected HD sources, securing your high-quality video and audio information it‘’s KVM reach back enabled, allowing for reater control in accessing remote locations using keyboard, video and mouse functionality from a central control room.

av over ip diagram

Command Center

Ultra-Low Latency

34ms delay is used for regular use, and 17ms delay is supported.

Full-Link Backup

Support server-side backup,encoder and decoder backup, optical port and electrical port network backup, power backup.


Encoding to decoding, full-link 4K60;It supports up to 8K output and decoding;

Support LED splicing and display beyond 2K or 4K standard resolution.

USB Transfer

Support access to the U disk in the seat segment, and the U disk can be transferred to the workstation computer.

Host Separation

It supports remote control of the computer host,and can store the computer host in the computer room to solve the noise and heat dissipation problems.

Excellent Collaboration

Support for the collection of signal sources, and support for sharing signal sources with other operators;

Support signal annotation, support multi-person collaborative annotation.

Multi-Ccreen Agents

One agent can set up multiple screens, and the mouse can be operated across screens.

Agent Security Protection

Support face recognition and fingerprint recognition login of KVM system;

Signal Control

A single NPK decoder supports 64 signal projection displays;

Window size can be freely resized and signal stacking is supported;

Support partial clipping and magnification of signals.

Permission Control

It is possible to set the authorityof different operators to operate the signal source.

Audio Mode

Support manual mode and mouse-follow mode, free control of workstation audio playback.

Docking Of Monitoring Platforms

Supports obtaining RTSP stream fromIPC webcams;

It supports docking with mainstream;

Monitoring platforms such as HikVision, Dahua, and Axis to obtain all monitoring images.


Support up to 10 banner displays, and customize the display text, time and date,pictures, etc.

Transmission Security

Supports code stream encryption, allowing only specified devices to use the code stream;

Agent Calls

Supports inter-agent voice and video calls;

Support IP phone access, can make IP phone calls;

Support 3A audio algorithm.

Convenient Operation

Support OCR text recognition,which supports recognizing and copying text from one workstation computer and copying it to another workstation computer;

Support single-monitor split-screencontrol, customizable layout, and up to 16 split-screens;

The floating window operation mode is adopted, which is convenient and fast, and does not block the picture;

Support custom operation shortcuts Support the saving and invocation of agent control scenes.

Monitoring Room

Control Type

Support control interfaces and protocols such as IO, IR, RS-232, RS-485, RELAY, UDP, TCP, HTTP, etc.

Environmental Monitoring

Support control interfaces and protocols such as IO, IR, RS-232, RS-485, RELAY, UDP, TCP, HTTP, etc.

IOT Device Monitoring

The IOT system can be used to monitor the running status of the device, including the device temperature, online status, memory usage, CPU usage, network port speed, and other status monitoring.

Multimedia Classroom

12 In One Device

Conference System, Recording, Audio processor, Power amplifier, 4K Matrix, Environment Control, Central control,IPC Access, POE Switch, OPS, Wireless Micphone, Wireless sharing, 12 device functions in one device.

Audio Control Room

Audio Over IP

Support distributed network audio, audio transmission through self-developed network protocols, stable and eliable, easy to integrate;

No interference and noise, easy to expand and flexible routing;

Standardized network interface, distributed deployment, unified management and control of audio in all places;

Compatible with Dante protocol.

Meeting Room

Permission Control

User groups can be set, and different user groups can be set with different permissions.

Multi-System Terminals

Support Android, IOS, Windows and other client management.

Video Conferencing System Docking

It can be connected to video conferencing systems such as Huawei and Polycom for centralized and unified control.

Lecture Hall

Soft KVM

Support to control workstations in NPK client ANDROID, IOS,WINDOWS).

Source Management

Fuzzy search of source names is supported Signal sources can be grouped by category for easy management.

Scene Saving And Recall

Support saving and recalling scenes displayed on the screen.

Other Devices Are Interconnected

Support audio processor, matrix, central control, recording and broadcasting system access, unified control, avoid cumbersome operations.

Screen Mirroring And Syncing

Mirroring: When you operate one of the screens,the other screens are mirrored.

Sync: Synchronize the content displayedon the screen to another screen display with one click.


Infinitely compose your project, suitable for different control room




  • Using RK3399, six cores;

  • less likely to be accidentally touched;

  • The front frame is only 3mm thick;

  • Specially designed for embedded installation applications;



  • Flexible collection;

  • Strong applicability;

  • Industrial-grade design: ergonomic design;

  • Simple development;



  • Wide field of view, horizontal field of view up to 90°;

  • Full-featured USB 2.0 interface;

  • Integrating power supply, video and audio;

  • Supports 1080P high-definition;



  • Optional node power supply;

  • Optional fan cooling;

  • Power supply: input AC 100-240V 350W. Output single DC 12V 2A;

Monitoring And Dispatching Center

Can be used in big data centers

Press Conference Room

Can be applied to press releases

City Command Center

Can be used in city command

Traffic Command Center

Can be used for transportation


Can be applied to campus work

Large Corporate Conference Rooms

Can be used in corporate meetings and discussions
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