The future of the control room

Av over iP

What is av over ip
In essence, it is the transmission of audiovisual data through a network such as a local area network, a wide area network or the Internet.

In the past few years, it has become popular to gradually use IP architecture to replace the traditional AV architecture. In applications in various fields, IP distribution has long been accepted and respected by users.

The future of the control room-av over ip
With the development of IT technology, anytime, anywhere "IP" control room solutions such as "cloud technology" and "collaboration" are being brewed in the professional AV industry, bringing users a different experience from the past.

iSEMC AV Over IP platform makes your control room capabilities quick, easy and affordable. Built as stand-alone modules and support up to 4K signal input and output, the NPL may be installed anywhere they are needed in your network to capture, control and display real-​time information sources.

With the NP Series platform, you’ll have more flexibility and scalability to acquire additional high quality, remote video and control signals over IP networks, giving your team more data at one time from multiple locations. And, it’s HDCP compliant, allowing for the transport of protected HD sources, securing your high-quality video and audio information.

It’s KVM reach back enabled, allowing for greater control in accessing remote locations using keyboard, video and mouse functionality from a central control room.

AV-over-IP Solutions

A simple and cost-effective solution in the control room. The flexibility of AV-over-IP allows it to have higher bandwidth, longer distance transmission, and even the possibility of combining into a larger and more complex system

av over ip solutions
AV OVER IP Featured Products
Infinitely compose your project, suitable for different control room
NP Pro IP Based Security Control System
IP Based Security Control System
NP Lite AV KVM Over IP Control System
NPL AV KVM Over IP Control System
AV Over IP
control room designer
Control Room

AV over IP Benefits

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Due to the entire network transmission, we make you are able to integrate all inputs, output sand control management into a unified control platform. This also allows to provide good user experiences to customers for set up and product use.

More Convenient

Large screen splicing, matrix switching, seat control, environmental control
“Plug & play” approach

We support automatic device detection and configuration, you can easily add content sources and displays to your networked AV system.

You can easily display the same content source simultaneously without splitters, amplifiers, or other external hardware in different rooms and facilities.

“Plug & play” approach
Signal sharing, improve work efficiency
Signal sharing, improve work efficiency

The NP series system lets you configure any desktop screen to display single or multiple sources in windows of any size.

Alternatively, multiple displays can be grouped together to drive a display wall of virtually any size with content spanning one or more walls.

The system administrator not only can easily access any source or display content with any screen in the system and also can easily transfer the content to any video wall or display unit with corresponding permissions. All signals are processed in real time, irrespective of the number of signals or the size of video display wall.

Flexible User Management

A set of system, unified management, the administrator configures exclusive operating permissions for users, when personnel changes or permissions changes, simple software configuration can complete the permissions adjustment, and quickly put into work.

Flexible User Management

Highly flexible and scalable, Fewer cable runs

With the development of NP Series AV over IP platform, IT professionals can manage their AV network using switch technology they are already comfortable with, and they won’t have to worry about costly port expansions in case growth occurs.

NP Series also solves the distance limitations with traditional AV cables (by utilizing copper Ethernet & fiber cables instead), is more scalable and flexible than traditional circuit-based AV products (by adding more ports & stacking the switches), and equipment costs are decreasing.

This ensures that the customer can always grow at any time.

Highly flexible and scalable, Fewer cable runs
NP Series
NP Series
High image quality, low latency, multi-screen display
Support multi-picture decoding display
Support 1/4/9/16 screen split display, a single screen can monitor up to 16 signals at the same time, saving space and effectively using resources

High image quality, low latency, multi-screen display

NP series AV Over IP system presents several key advantages compared to non-networked point-to-point or point-to-multi-point solutions, nearly every budgetary and performance requirement with their modular and flexible approach, up to 4K capabilities with near-zero latency and the ability to introduce dynamically changing content.

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