Make the signal source easier to handle-video wall controller

Our iSEMC video wall controller series makes it easy to manage the content and information of multiple screens.

Make complex video wall system configuration design and control room management simple

video wall controller 4x4 in the control room

iSEMC Video Wall Controller Product

iSEMC has many years of experience in the video wall controller industry and is your first choice for cooperation.It is equipped with a wide range of LCD and LED video wall controllers, powerful multi-screen image and video processing systems, and multiple HDMI display terminals.Here you can easily find the right video wall controller

Video wall controllers suitable for various environments:

Configure different video wall controllers according to different environments to meet your needs

VKE Series Video Wall Controller

VKE video wall controller is professional video image processing product which is based on the development of multi-windows no frame tearing LED and LCD display control technology.
Adopt RS232+LAN control method, and configure HDMI input/output interface, support up to 128 scene save and recall,to meet a variety of professional system application requirements.

4k 3x3 video wall controller
Distributed platform makes the entire monitoring system more concise, with good compatibility and scalability Adapted to: monitoring room, network command and dispatch center, network conference center and exhibition room.



av over ip


NP Lite Distributed, The highly scalable and powerful features of AV KVM Over IP can safely deploy AV signals to thousands of endpoints to create IP-based video and audio control systems.
View Np Lite
VKI Series

VKI Series

VKI series has upgraded its system capacity to 4K@60hz input and output, so that there is a significant advantage on the processing speed and image display.

View VKI
VKL Series

VKL Series

VKL Series video wall contollers, Up to 4 video wall groups control on single controller and work with variety of display terminals such as LCD, DLP, projector;
View VKL
Creative Video Wall Processor

Creative Video Wall Processor

CR pro creative video wall processor is used in exhibition and other applications, video wall is not limited as the media to show the information , creative design can greatly enhance the overall display effects and to bring more impact visual experience.
View CR pro Processor
MP1600 LED Processor

MP1600 LED Processor

Super-large load LED display controller,Meet the on-site configuration requirements of ultra-large screens.

View MP1600
VP Series LED Processor

VP Series LED Processor

A 2-in-1 video controller that integrates video processing and video control functions, adapting to complex operating.

View VP Series
Why People Love iSEMC
Committed to serving the enterprise video wall business all over the world
The value of communicating important messages to many people makes them ideal for many industries and large venues.
With big data getting bigger every day, visualizing a variety of content and sharing information for collaborative analysis means it's crucial to choose the display system that best meets your needs. It's useful in providing critical safety and directional information in the case of an emergency.
A iSEMC video wall solution ensures continuous and reliable operational performance. These future-proof video wall solutions are perfect for control rooms, command centers, situation rooms, digital signage, and more.
High-quality Service
Pleasant cooperation between customers all over the world
Incredible supplier for any person that works with control room
industry! The performance of vks controller is excellent, all the service
tina and eric provided are strongly appreciated. Perfect!
If you're looking for a world class video wall solution, look no further. iSEMC has the real deal, so many solutions in the product lines (It's much more than a hardware, but also some crazy ideas and services)
Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks! Powerful, high reliable. As always stable in the past 5 years. Seriously amazing stuff. It's great, the most valuable video wall controller I have ever seen. When I have the same similar project, I will buy it again. It is professional. It does a good job-iSEMC
I appreciate how iSEMC works so much. I like how cleanly laid out the lists are and that he continues to bring more helpful videos/demos of products to share out. I recommend working with them if you're looking for new venders and want to simply your work.
I'm hoping to grow my local business and this is exactly what I need to help build out some solutions I can use in tender and that can be passed onto any employees I hire. Awesome work, look forward to seeing more products and solutions.
iSEMC is very professional. My clients keep appreciating these hardworking folks even it’s midnight demonstration. They saved lots of our work especially in Covid-19. Thanks very much!
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