Process Control Centers

Process Control Centers
Project Brief Introduction

Process automation is becoming an increasingly widespread application, and there are now high expectations for visualization solutions to meet the demands of this automation. Your control room requires an effective, reliable, and scalable display system that provides uninterrupted operation.

Network Operations Centers (NOC)
Efficient Monitoring01
Having an efficient monitoring system will optimize your production and safety operations. Your control room is the heart of your production operations, so the visualization equipment you choose must be high quality, reliable, and improve monitoring efficiency. An iSEMC display solution enables you to visualize all data aspects of your operations in real-time, including camera feeds and sensor data. Our control room visualization solutions provide your operators with flexible tools to support your operations 24/7.
Full Visualization Solution Portfolio02
A comprehensive overview of all production processes' critical assets is crucial. It requires synergy between your professional operators and the best visualization or media management systems. Whether you operate a remote or centralized control room, cooperation between operator and machine is critical. iSEMC has a reputation for providing production control solutions, stretching back fifteen years. We can provide you with the right solution to meet your needs and give you essential situational awareness. Our portfolio equipment reflects your need for reliability, round-the-clock operations, interoperability, and ROI. With an iSEMC solution, your operators can focus on the operations rather than the technology.
Best Video Wall Technology03
Process control centers need to be able to mix static content with live or recorded video footage. We provide you with solutions that allow you to do this seamlessly, using the best-in-class technologies. We combine this technology with a high level of critical component redundancy to ensure your uptime is maximized.
Future-Proofed Technology04
Our platforms are network-centric, come with open interfaces, are compliant with industry standards, and come with embedded security. Its modular and flexible nature means you can scale the system as your requirements change. Installing third-party technology is straightforward, increasing the utility value of our systems. Your stakeholders can access real-time information presented as well as possible. We've also designed it to interface with top 3rd party systems, and has compatibility with many AV & ICT sources. This compatibility ensures your infrastructure is constructed with the best components available. Last but far from insignificant, security has been embedded as this is a critical aspect of any infrastructure architecture.
Ultra High Definition Display
Appropriate designs can be made according to the project's real needs; the display system, mainly composing DID screen, DLP splicing screen, LED display screen with little space, the system can support mulple 1080P HD input sources and max input resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. Single channel max output resolution supports up to 3840x2160@60Hz. it also supports high resolution background map, up to 65535x65535 pixels.
Ultra High Definition Display
Real time
Real-time data can be released via the real-time data interface or WEB information, to provide users with corresponding realtime dynamic information.
Real-time video monitoring
Preset Management
The research and development of contingency plans can be carried out via an integrated security management platform, to realize input and linkage settings of various contingency plans. A resource directory can be formed through the abstraction of pre-arranged data elements and information resources. The integrated security management platform can be automatically associated with the corresponding contingency plans in the event of different police information. This is more convenient to help the management to make decision.
Multiple System Centralized Control
iSEMC command center system solution adopts advanced design concepts and products with leading technologies, plus of intelligent centralized control system, conducts centralized control for various systems, including large screen display system (DLP large screen / LCD splitting /LED display screen etc), video processing system, voice dispatching system, command and control system, system of sound pickup and sound reinforcement, to achieve information mining, assistant decision making, communication and command, centralized control; thus, the operation is more simple and convenient.
Multiple System Centralized Control
Intelligent Linkage Control
When several devices needing control, the traditional manual control needs controlling multiple systems respectively. Equipment operation and switching speed depends on the level of personnel operation, needing for special control. The system can realize the intelligent linkage control of equipment by the corresponding logic, not needing manual operation.
Intelligent Linkage Control
Stable And Reliable
The system is stable and reliable because of adopting mature technologies, not infected with the virus; it has been successfully applied to a number of projects, with mature project experience.
Stable And Reliable
System Visualization
Compared with traditional command systems, the iSEMC command central system realize visualization, and all subsystems are presented in the way of pictures, data, video, software interface; thus, the system is more intuitive and image.
System Visualization
Compatible With Third-Party Devices
The system can be seamlessly connected with third party devices or software, to achieve the overall scheduling and control.
Compatible With Third-Party Devices
Decision-Making Support
Decision-making support collects information for HD display system: all kinds of information collected and arranged by the system, plus of analysis calculation results of various models are shown in the most simple and intuitive form according to the needs of the decision makers, to help decision makers quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, as well as help them better to make the right decisions.
Electronic Map
Support 3D multilayer electronic map; easily define the monitoring points and the alarm points on the map; support zoom map; alarm can be displayed in the relevant locations on the map when alarming; view scene images and make PTZ control by clicking on the alarm icon.
 Electronic Map
Linkage alarm
After installing infrared detector in the front-end and accessing to the backend alarm host which is connected with sound and light alarm, once the illegal intrusion is detected,
alarms will be sent out, and a series of linkages will be launched according to settings, when various types of alarms are generated, all alarm information will be collected at the business client side.
Planning and on-site scene of each alarm linkage can be managed via the alarming interface,
finally all kinds of alarm information will do classified statistics through the alarm information statistics, and linkage can be generated with video equipment simultaneously,
to transfer live video to the display terminal in real time which can realize the alarm linkage function.
Recording & Playback
iSEMC process control system solution enables recording and playback feature in the appropriate work modes; video, sound and other contents (such as PPT) of the conference system and speakers can be simultaneously encoded into standard IP streaming format in full hardware device mode, and then transmit through the network. The post-process is conducted within the recording & playback platform, including picture dynamic synthesization, streaming media publishing etc. Contents will be automatically stored in the server during the meetings.

NP Pro Distributed Display

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device


Interactive Smart Board

NP Lite Distributed AV Over IP

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

LED Video Wall

Ideal Solution for Control Room

VK-S Video Wall Controller

Professional Video Wall Controller

LCD Video Wall

Flexible installation system
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