Indoor LED Display - COB Series

Model:COB-P0.9375, COB-P1.25, COB-P1.5625

The COB series indoor LED display  is a brighter and more efficient display with better color uniformity and a wider viewing angle. The COB Series offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for high-density LED displays with improved color quality and viewing angles.widely used in various applications, including indoor and outdoor advertising displays, stadium screens, traffic signs, and scoreboards.
LED Indoor Display - COB Series

featuresHigh Quality Indoor LED Screen COB Series

LED Display COB Series

Unique Production Technology

Full Flip Chip Process

PCB circuit boards, LED chips, welding wires, etc. are fully sealed, so as to achieve the advantages of moisture-proof, wear-resistant, anti-static, and easy to clean.

Product Protection

The front protection level reaches IP54, and the front can realize dustproof and resist water spray.

Highly Efficient Heat Dissipation

Under the same brightness conditions, the power consumption of the chip is reduced by 40%, and the surface temperature is 10°C lower.

High Color Gamut

It can accurately represent more shades and hues, makinga wider color gamut can provide more vibrant and accurate colors.

Ultra-high Contrast Ration With 10000:1

The design of the module is equipped with a soft mask makes the image performance clearer and more delicate.

LED Display COB Series

Long Lifespan

 Lifespan of more than 100,000 hours,which is more than 11 years of uninterrupted operation in 24/7 mode.

LightEye Protection Design

Healthy Soft Light

COB reduces the separation of pixels, reduces the sharpness of the picture, and the overall screen glows softly without glare.

Surface Light Source

The luminous outlet of SMD products is small, and the grainy feeling is strong when viewed at close range. COB is an integrated package with high luminous flux density, and what is emitted is a uniformly distributed light surface., effectively relieves graininess.

LED Display COB Series
LED Display COB Series


• Full Flip Chip Process
• Adjustable Brightness
• High stability
• High protection
• Simple structure integrated control
• Ultra-high Contract ratio with 10000:1
• Energy saving & Environmental protection
• High reliability with long service life
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