Auditoriums Video Wall
Project Brief Introduction

Auditoriums are the ideal corporate environment to have an engaging impact on employees and clients. You can create an impressive centerpiece with an iSEMC LED or LCD video wall, enabling you to inspire large groups, deliver immersive presentations, and communicate to your organization.
Inspire Through Creativity01
Your skills are in organizing inspirational events within your in-house auditorium. iSEMC's bright visualization solutions can help you make a difference when it comes to influencing your audience. You'll be able to captivate your audience's attention, create exceptional and lasting moments, and increase interaction. Putting your trust in the correct technology will give you a better connection with all stakeholders, customers, visitors, and other audience types.
Impact Investment03
Do not underestimate the impact that you can make through stunning visual presentations. You can maximize this impact through your auditorium, allowing you to engage with a large audience, whether that be part of a corporate training program or a stunning sales presentation to existing clients and potential customers. An immersive, interactive presentation will allow your organization to shine and give you the persuasive edge you need. These benefits are what iSEMC's solutions for collaboration, visualization, and screen management offer you. We can provide your imagery, video, and presentations the impact that you want them to have and that you deserve, regardless of the audience, location, or topic.
Get Eyes On Your Content02
Restyling your auditorium, or designing a new one, is a considerable investment. However, you are investing in an innovative and flexible space that will reap benefits for your organization and generate additional revenue through hosting significant events. The way you set your space up is crucial, and you should consider aspects such as the main display, acoustics, rear wall, stage area, etc. All your design decisions should focus on producing stunning visual and audio effects. Your audience needs a perfect view from whatever angle they are viewing. iSEMC visual solutions offer you everything you need for your ideal auditorium setup.
Create a WOW Factor04
The stunning visualizations we offer to your performances and presentations will give you the WOW factor. We've focused on providing you with exceptional viewing experiences, superior image and video quality, and stunning contrast and color levels. Therefore, you don't need to worry about such things on the day. Nor do you need to be concerned about our solutions' technical aspects; they are straightforward and quick to set up and operate.
Auditoriums Video Wall Solutions Feature
Remote video conference
Enable to design according to needs of the project, and support many persons to have remote video conferencing at different sites through the MCU and HD terminals (including video conferencing cameras), moreover, support 1080P video conferencing access over 1024 sites through the cascade.
Remote video conference
Centralized control
The meeting room can adopt a centralized control system, which can replace remote controllers of audio and video equipment, plus of wall switches. The system takes the touch screen as the operation center; comprehensive, modular and integrated intelligent control of all devices in the system can be realized via touch screens. The operator can simply and conveniently control all kinds of complex subsystem devices by modular control or partial control via screens distributed in the conference room, entrance and exit of conference room and control room, including safety timing switch of power supply; adjust the external environment such as light and temperature setting; set intelligent working modes; realize individual control and linkage control of audio and video equipment; meanwhile, the real-time working state of the equipment and operation results are feed back to the touch screen for display. Control levels can be set by password authorization; thus the senior management personnel can supervise and control audio and video equipment of the entire building via a tough screen.
Intelligent Control
The system can be designed according to the actual project, as well as control the lighting, curtains and air conditioning. A variety of working modes can be set, to adjust light brightness, control the lifting of curtains and working mode of the air conditioning. The intelligent sensing can be used to control devices for lighting, curtains and air conditioner; switch on/off multiple devices can be realized by one key (no need to control individual devices one by one). Automatic control corresponding equipment can be carried out according to the time segment, without the needs of professional lighting engineers on duty, to save human resources. The corresponding working modes can be switched by a key at any time according to changes of personnel and projects.
Intelligent control
Application of multi functions
Suitable for various applications, including meeting, discussions, speeches, presentations, reports, training, command, scheduling, academic exchanges, news releases, theatrical performances, entertainment celebration activity, movie theaters, Cara OK etc.. It can be applied to consultation, local meetings, education and training, remote television and telephone conference, video conference, entertainment activities etc..
Application of multi functions
Ultra HD video display
Appropriate designs can be made according to the project’s real needs; the display system, mainly composing DID screen, DLP splicing screen, LED display screen with little space, can work together with the supporting video matrix, VGA matrix, mixed matrix, controller and so on. Thus, the system can be connected to a computer network system, video conferencing system, live camera and other independent computer workstation, to achieve the integrated display of these computer graphics and video image information, as well as meet various needs of meeting, conference, command and scheduling, and then provide an intuitive, interactive and flexible display system.
Conference video recording and playback function
Synchronous recording, live broadcast and multicast, playback can be conducted for relevant important meetings or activities,. Contents of the meeting can be recorded; meanwhile, the network live broadcast can be done simultaneously. The meeting content can be played back after the meeting.

NP Pro Distributed Display

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device


Interactive Smart Board

NP Lite Distributed AV Over IP

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

LED Video Wall

Ideal Solution for Control Room

VK-S Video Wall Controller

Professional Video Wall Controller

LCD Video Wall

Flexible installation system
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