Higher Education

Education, Campus, School - Video Wall Processing Project Brief Introduction

Higher education is being reshaped, and there is no more explicit example of this change than through the adoption of visualization and display technology in universities and colleges. LCD and LED video walls and interactive display installations are particularly well-suited to academic institutions because today's generation of students has grown up with technology in almost every aspect of their lives. They are used to learning through video, and they will understand better with high-quality visuals.
Higher Education
Engage Your Students01
Educators need to find more engaging means of engaging with students. Our striking touch-screen video walls and LED canvasses give you a stunningly exciting and creative medium to interact with college-level students. From their first visit, they'll be captivated by your incredible visual displays. It will demonstrate you are a forward-leaning institution and serve as an exceptional recruitment tool to attract the best students.
Enhance Your Students' Experience02
Modern, high-tech solutions are an excellent way to immerse your students in interactive education, and iSEMC solutions can provide such solutions. In the classrooms or lecture theatres, social and recreational areas benefit from our stunning visualization displays. They inspire the students and help develop a dynamic educational environment.
Collaborative Learning03
Our visualization solutions promote collaboration and inspire teamwork. Students can use the interactive functionality for problem-solving, developing strategies, and test hypotheses
Visitor Centers and Receptions
These places are your first opportunity to engage with new students. Remember, first impressions last, and there is no better way of making a stunning first impression than with an immersive, interactive video wall or LED canvas. Your visitors can explore your campus, facilities, history, and every other aspect of your story. They will be excited at the prospect of learning at a high-tech, forward-thinking institution. And these visitors will soon become your students.
Visitor Centers and Receptions
Classrooms and Lecture Halls
It is the learning environment that iSEMC solutions come into their own. You can provide your students with a vibrant, immersive, and interactive learning experience that will inspire, motivate, and reshape their education. Our visualization solutions are quickly becoming an essential and integral part of the learning environment. Your students will expect these facilities and will exceed expectations when using them.
Classrooms and Lecture Halls
Sports Facilities and Changing Rooms
Your collegiate program will be in fierce competition with other institutions for the best students. To be competitive, you must have the best facilities and those that the modern student expects. Creative LED displays and video walls installed in sports facilities, locker areas, changing rooms, and so on allow you to communicate with students outside of the learning environment. It will demonstrate to the students the importance you place on sport and education, inspiring them to adopt the same attitude.
Sports Facilities and Changing Rooms
Student Hubs and Centers
Stunning video walls and durable visual digital displays installed in areas where students gather enrich the students' experience. You can use them to educate, inform, or merely entertain your students. Regardless of the purpose, your students will appreciate these facilities, and they will enrich the students' educational experience.
Student Hubs and Centers
Security Control Rooms
Security is of paramount importance at all educational institutions, regardless of their size or level. Real-time visual information presented, reliably, and easily is essential in a security environment where seconds count. iSEMC solutions can provide you with the best visualization solutions on the market.
Security Control Rooms

NP Pro Distributed Display

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device


Interactive Smart Board

NP Lite Distributed AV Over IP

Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

LED Video Wall

Ideal Solution for Control Room

VK-S Video Wall Controller

Professional Video Wall Controller

LCD Video Wall

Flexible installation system
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