Class Recording System 

Class Recording System Introduction

In today's education landscape, traditional classrooms are facing a number of challenges. From outdated teaching methods to limited interaction between students and teachers, it's clear that we need a better way to deliver education.

Compared to traditional classrooms, smart classrooms have a number of advantages. For one, they offer record and playback functions, allowing students to review lectures and better retain information. Additionally, smart classrooms allow for real-time interaction and engagement, enabling students to actively participate in the learning process. Real-time monitoring and feedback also provide teachers with valuable insights into student progress. Remote teaching capabilities further expand the reach of education, making it accessible to students who may not be able to attend classes in person. Finally, camera follow and automatic camera switching ensure that students can always follow the teacher in the classroom.

Class Recording System
smart classrooms
Interact and Engage in real time 01
The class recording system can realize real-time interaction and participation between teachers and students by using cameras and display screens. Students can watch the teacher's explanations and demonstrations on the display
Record and Playback Function 03
The camera in the class recording system can be used to record teaching content, which can be played back by students later. This allows students to watch the teaching content repeatedly according to their own learning progress and needs to deepen their understanding and memory.
Real-Time Monitoring and Feedback 02
In the class recording system, the camera can be used to broadcast the students' learning situation in real time. Teachers can observe students' participation, understanding, etc. through the camera.
Remote Teaching and Learning 04
The cameras and displays in the class recording system can support remote teaching and learning. Teachers can teach remotely through the camera, and students can watch the teaching content through the display screen at different locations, realizing the sharing of educational resources and learning without geographical restrictions.
4K Camera & Omnidirectional Mic
Multiple clear Camera & Mic both suitable for teacher and student, which is can clear record the contents for classes.
Achieve Remote Mode
More interaction between teachers and students when online Conference
Achieve Remote Mode
Switch Camera Automatically
Automatic switching is one of the advantages of Smart Classroom, which can automatically adjust the lens and display to achieve seamless switching and presentation of multiple contents.
Switch Camera Automatically
Flexible Control

Two different ways of control make it very convenient to control the screen in the classroom

Tablet and computer flexible control
Camera Follow
Automatic tracking, maintaining focus, improving interactivity, and simplifying operations make camera following an advantage of smart classrooms.
Camera Follow
Recording System
The content of each class will be automatically merged through multiple cameras, and all the pictures will be automatically synthesized into one video. After class, students can watch the replay of the class through their computers, mobile phones.
classroom recording system
Solution Diagram (Sound Reinforcement)
General design drawing (Sound reinforcement version)
classroom recording solution diagram
System Diagram
Premium version
Recording System Diagram
Normalized Recording Classroom
The construction of conventional smart classrooms requires easy deployment and no need to decorate the classrooms. For users, the operation is very simple, ensuring conventional teaching non-inductive sound reinforcement, teaching equipment control, normalized recording and broadcasting, etc., can ensure that every Teachers will use it.
Normalized Recording Classroom
In conclusion

The classroom recording and playback system is an essential tool for modern education. By offering real-time interaction, remote teaching capabilities, and other advanced features, it helps educators deliver better learning outcomes for their students. Whether you're a teacher looking to enhance your classroom or a student seeking a more engaging learning experience, this system is sure to make a positive impact on your education.

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