Professional Multiviewer

Professional Multiviewer

Professional Multiviewer supports centralized display of multiple video signal channels to a monitor, and supports KVM function. When the mouse moves to the corresponding window, you can control the corresponding input PC.


Used in various types:

Meeting room

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Support simultaneous audio and video management

A separate monitor is used to view and control multiple input signals, and it supports simultaneous audio + video playback to achieve centralized management. And you can select the control window through shortcut keys and mouse sliding.

Composed Of These

Unlimited Chooses for Your Projects
TK-FHD Series(4IN 1OUT Multiviewer with KVM)
TK-UHD Series(4IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer with KVM)
TM Series(4IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer with MHL)
TS Series(2~16IN 1OUT 4K Multiviewer)
This is a high-performance 4K four-screen Multiviewer, which supports simultaneous display of 4 channels 4K 60Hz signal channels on the same 4K 60Hz monitor. At the same time, it supports KVM, suitable for Video Conferences, Education, Exhibitions, Stocks and other scenarios.Traverse


TM is a Multiviewer that supports 4 channels 4K60Hz input and 1 channel 4K60Hz output, And the input supports MHL,
you can use your phone as the input source through the phone data-HDMI conversion cable. Suitable for industries such as mobile phone projection or Network live.
TS Modular
TS adopt modular design, customizable 2~16 channel input, each input card is equipped with BNC/HDMI/VGA interface, supports 1 channel HDMI and 1 channel VGA synchronous output, supports PIP, zooming, roaming, stretching...
Application Industry Case

Meeting room


Stock financial

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