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At iSEMC, we are a design company which possesses a broad range of video wall solutions to meet our clients’ need for a digitally enhanced environment. Built with passion and excitement, we lay much emphasis on our superior product quality. iSEMC is able to meet the demands of both the commercial and high-end control markets with its intuitive and innovative extensive line of A/V solutions and related products.


We pride ourselves on a team of developers who are capable of realizing almost any creative or unusual A/V solution presented to them. They are always available to carry you along and make your purchase desires a reality. To bring out effective designs and solutions, our able team works day-in and day out with our customers for the best satisfactory result.


Excellence, teamwork and innovative design define us, and help us provide high quality products and value added services to our potential customers. Our unrivaled philosophy marks us as an international player in the A/V industry while creating and maintaining relationships with our clients for a business feel. 


Yes, you can. We offer 30 days refund policy in case our product did not meet your expectation and our payment system is secured. Our customers are happy and we strive to do right by them every day starting from the project consultation to design and implementation. See what customers like you said about us
The iSEMC products are awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how it’s well tailored to the needs of the video wall solution industry.
Thanks for a great family of iSEMC video wall products.


Project Consultation

We start by collecting your project requirements like application environment, numbers of input and output channels and types of signal source

Solution Design

Our experienced engineers will evaluate your requirements and proposed a customized solution with details explaination according to your project requirements

Project Implementation

Once you have agreed with the solution, we will proceed with the solution preparation. Normally, our delivery is within 5-15 days with 1-3 years warranty base on RMA policy

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