Multi-window, UHD and visual display control

LED Processor

Built for Efficiency

Flexible usage and super high cost performance meet more diverse market demands. The resolution can be customized, which meets the on-site configuration requirements for ultra-long and ultra-large screens.

Used in various scenarios:

Powerful video processing and sending capabilities, able to adapt to complex operating environments


Multi-Type LED Processor

Unlimited Chooses for Your Projects
Super-large load LED display controller,Meet the on-site configuration requirements of ultra-large screens.
vp series led processor
VP Series
A 2-in-1 video controller that integrates video processing and video control functions, adapting to complex operating.
Supports 1x DVI input, 1x HDMI input, 1x audio input, and 6x Ethernet outputs.maximum load is 1920×1200@60Hz
Supports ultra-high single-channel bandwidth,advantage on the processing speed and professional display control.
Support video and audio input, and send video and audio from the network port to the display after processing.
Larger performance improvement, playing various formats of high-definition screens, and handling complex operations.
HDR high definition

HDR High-Definition

Ultra-high-precision correction technology, excellent contrast performance, 24 Gigabit Ethernet port output, super large standby , Let the small-pitch LED display shine.

Indoor Small Pitch

The application scenarios of small-pitch LED screens are extremely rich, and they shine brilliantly in high-end display applications such as radio and television studios, digital exhibition halls, concert halls, and conference rooms, among which high-end LED processors are essential.

Restore the beauty of images in details

Use image quality engine technology to improve low-gray outline, low-gray color cast, color distortion and other problems, and improve picture performance.
Restore the beauty of images in details

Application Industry Case

Business Center

Usually, people use LED processors and LED displays on the walls of commercial centers for advertising, new product promotion, event notifications, etc.

Performance Industry

Under the high-end processor, the LED display presents bright colors, enriches the stage scene, and enhances the atmosphere at the same time, so that people can experience an unforgettable audio-visual feast

Dispatch Command Center

LED display and LED processor can display high-definition on-site images, rescue maps, etc., and can display images efficiently and comprehensively, realize information sharing, and help unified command and dispatch

Smart Campus

It has the characteristics of high-definition display, adaptability to long-term work, richer deductive teaching, etc., and is more adaptable to the development of the new era
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