Multi-scene application, high performance, iPad video wall software

VK-L Series

Video Wall Controller

multi-window,ultra-high-definition,visual display control,VK Lite series is suitable for video wall controller 4x4,video wall controller 3x3,or more.

Used in various types
Used in various types:
Digital visualization
Information Release
video conference
Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design

Unlimited Video Wall Content Layout Design

Roaming, Picture in Picture, Zooming in/out, Stretching, Cropping.

Opening at least 2 windows on single display.

Different Series

Unlimited Chooses for Your Projects
Vk Lite

VK-L Serise High Performance

VK-L serise has upgraded its system capacity and use 10G base exchange processing chip, so that there is a significant advantage on the processing speed and professional display control. High frame rate, low latency, Power on in seconds.
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VK Lite-B

VK Lite-B High Stable

VK Lite-B series has high stability, and is equipped with 3840 x [email protected] HDMI input, Each screen support 4 windows. Small and flexible body. Support ios control.
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VK-L Serise High Performance
The delay time of signal source is less than 60ms,Real 60HZ output, providing more real and smoother visual effects
VK Lite-B iPad Control
Support iPad control, making operation more convenient, fast and flexible and support 4K input.
VK Lite-N High Configuration
VK Lite-N series has a powerful configuration and Maximum support 72 HDMI input/output, Suitable for all large-scale commercial display projects.
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