Rental LED Display - RD Series

Model:Indoor IP2.6,IP2.9,IP3.9,IP4.8
Outdoor OP2.9,OP3.9,OP4.8

RD Series which is compare to fixed led display, it has both indoor & outdoor led display.
The LED wall gives the audience a very high visual impact and can attract people’s attention at a considerable distance. indoor led display apply into exhibition center, church worship, hotel hall, etc; outdoor led display apply into music festival, wedding ceremony, community campaign, etc.
 LED Display RE Series

featuresQuickly Use in Your Visualization Projects

 LED Display RE Series

Extreme Color Performance

Clear & Real Picture Quality

• Wider color space
• Higher color depth
• Wider brightness range
• More vivid exquisite color

Integrated Modularized Design

Enlarged welding plate enhanced the pushing force especially for LED rental. No
copper skin dropped when bumping, no jump wire needed to repair Circuit boards are designed as EMC standards.

Anti-collsion Design

Automatic telescopic corner protection plates can slide smoothly without manual switch

Easy for installation

RD Series are required to be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, and the staff can quickly complete the work, reducing the labor cost of customers;

Wide Viewing Angle

± 160°view angle brings a truly amazing image with highly color consistency from any angles.

 LED Display RE Series

45° bevel edge splicing

LED modules are interchangeable for common use no matter left/right/up/down, 45° Bevel edge splicing make the flatness, reliability.


• Easy for installation
• Anti-collision design
• 45° bevel egde splicing
• Wider brightness range
• More vivid exquisite color
• Wider color space & Higher color depth
• Wide viewing angle
• Cabinet is thinner, Stronger & Smoother
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