Visualization System

Project brief introduction

iSEMC data visualization solution is a visualized display system based on the combination of real-time image technology and hardware architecture. Fully utilize the large screen system to connect with the professional system. Important contents are refined for customized display through professional customized design, so as to give visitors with deep impression and comprehensively improve the user experience, as well as improve modernization management level and economic benefits of enterprises.

Promote management and improve efficiency
·Achieve the company’s decision support through cross regional, cross specialities, efficient data collection and analysis show;
·Find problems and avoid risks through the company’s comprehensive monitoring and analysis, standardize business workflow and improve work efficiency.

Visual interaction to enhance corporate image
·Display information value in intuitively and clearly panoramic, dynamic and interactive modes;
·Playback control via multi channels to enhance the user experience;
·Integration of interactive 3D design and animation make it more effective to show business, industry style and enhance corporate image.

Enable to access the third party platforms and equipment
·All equipment, system, platform and software can carry on the seamless docking with the visualization system, without operate multiple devices or software one by one, just operate on the visualization system.

Intelligent control, release operators
·The visualization system can realize the intelligent control of all the equipment, no need special persons carry out professional operation to reduce the labor costs;
·The intelligent control of the relevant equipment is carried out by the data transmitted by the corresponding sensing device, and the operation speed is calculated in milliseconds, which is faster and more reliable than manual operation.

Visual operation, without the needs for professional training
·Software and equipment operation is simple, without the need for professional training, WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get); general staff can operate freely.


Interactive display

The 3D multimedia interactive display solution adopts advanced multimedia interactive display system, and break through the traditional static display form, to achieve true three-dimensional, dynamic, real-time interactive display performance.

Realize comprehensive control functions to the played contents, equipment and environment through many kinds of terminals including PAD, mobile phone, PC etc., with the help of signal acquisition and intelligent sensing control equipment.

Multi-platform control

The iSEMC visualization platform can control equipment, scene, environment, signal, system, process via the mobile phone, PAD, touch screen and other terminal. To achieve switch of signals, scene, page and system; support functions and content update operations for business system linkage, conference system collaboration, index management and other operations. The following figures are examples.

Application industry