Video Wall Display System

Project brief introduction

The video wall display system is widely used in various industries, including commercial business, government, transportation, public security, communications, electric power, military command centre etc. It plays important roles in the provision of information-sharing, decision support, trend display. The video wall display system is a multimedia interactive system combining receive, process and display of various information and personnel operation control. Moreover, the system involves various technical issues in acoustic, optical and electrical aspects, integrated with the management and coordination of the departments concerned, and also with the overall structure of the hall. Therefore, expected effects can be reached by focus on demand-driven and balanced, applying comprehensive integration technology.

iSEMC video wall display system conducts professional designs for users based on needs of the project. The video wall mainly composes DID, Fine pitch LED, projection splicing and fusion, plus of related video transmission and processing system.

iSEMC video wall display system adopts multiple screen image splicing and processing technologies and network technology etc. Featured by high stability, high brightness, high resolution, high definition, high intelligent control and advanced operation methods, the video wall display system can integrate with several subsystems, including the monitoring system, scheduling command system and network communication system and form a set of information display, management and control platform with perfect functions and advanced technologies. The whole set of system has fully considered the system security, reliability, maintainability and extensibility in the hardware and software design; its storage and processing capacity can meet requirements of the future extension.


Professional design

Our professional design team conducts professional designs according to user needs of the actual projects and using environment. The layout, display modes and effects of the video wall display system can satisfy the users’ requirements for functions and applications. Thus, the video wall display system is more reasonable in the actual use.

Support creative splicing

The video wall system takes the video wall display unit (LCD splicing unit, LED display unit, DLP projector) as a unit. Creative splicing can be made according to the number of display units in actual projects; the system doesn’t be limited under any condition in number and splicing style.

Support multiple video input sources and diversification display

iSEMC video wall display system supports any combination of display mode, multiple windows overlaying, multiple signals displaying simultaneously. And moreover, the system can set up multiple display modes, and supports the relevant display mode of one-key switch.

Support input of multiple signals, such as video signals and computer signals. Various signal sources, such as video monitoring information, camera, video recorder, VCD, projector for actually stands and computer signal, can access the multiple screen image processing system. Signals can be freely moved, zoom in/out, across the screen or overlapped in the form of windows after being processed.

Industrial grade equipment

iSEMC video wall display system is an industrial grade device; it supports arbitrary power off and power on without any setting; thus its operation is convenient, direct and professional, not affected by the network or network viruses. The MTBF is greater than 50000 hours.

The system adopts the embedded system and industrial-level products, to ensure that the project is stable and reliable. The system is more stable and reliable than devices adopting Android or IOS systems, and ordinary computers adopting Windows system.

High practicability

Possess a variety of management methods according to the characteristics of practical applications. Graphical management interface and the system design meets the actual engineering needs. The system configuration emphasizes advantage and practicability, as well as the economic effects of the system configurations, to achieve the comprehensive balance.

Pure digital technology

iSEMC video wall display system adopts pure digital technologies to solve various problems of analog display and transmission and integrated wiring. various signals can be transmitted via only few transmission cables; Moreover. iSEMC video wall display system supports remote transmission, and digital transmission is more stable and reliable than analog transmission.

High compatibility

iSEMC video wall display system is compatible with peripherals or other peripheral platform of the video wall system; seamless connection for control, transmission and display can be realized.

Creative and free combination

iSEMC video wall display system can select various display technologies, such as LED screen, LED splice screen, projection splice and projection fusion; a variety of display techniques can be combined freely, to form solutions of creative video wall display systems.

Intelligent control

Adopt the advanced control system; the peripheral devices around the video wall system may be controlled through the intelligence control system; it only needs clicking on the touching screen to realize fast switch of random signals and display of pre-set display modes; the linkage control can be realized with devices of the third party through the corresponding signals.

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