Powerful Video and Image Processing Device

NP Pro Distributed

Display Wall System

NP distributed video wall system is a multi-signal processing device designed for distributed large screen display system. ip wall controller can a variety of wall displays can be realized on different signal sources, supporting multiple outputs, etc.

Used in various types:

Network command and dispatch center
Web Conference Center
Exhibition items

Composed Of These

Unlimited Chooses for Your Projects
Input Node
Output Node
CVR Stroage
Web Server
Centralized Chassis
Center Management
Recording & Playback Function
All input devices support being recorded to CVR storage, and can be recalled and played back in the system at any time. Support setting recording schedule and taking screenshots.
Multimedia Storage And Publishing
NP Pro supports uploading local video/picture/audio/text to the server, it can called anytime and anywhere, just like an input source, to achieve timely information release

Electronic Map

Supports uploading map pictures, and you can add the corresponding camera icon to the corresponding location
of the map to realize the view of the corresponding camera display content through the map location.
Visual Display
All content displayed on the video wall will be transmitted to the control software, which facilitates real-time understanding of the display effect of the video wall
Users connected to the NP Pro system can view multiple servers at the same time through 1/4/9/16 splitting, and can directly control them..

More Function

Provide customers with the best quality The most cost-effective display control products
Ultra High Definition Display
Ultra High Definition Display
Super Long Running Time
Super Long Running Time
Audio Matrix Design
Audio Matrix Design
Ultra High Definition Display
Support a Variety Of Protocols
Super Long Running Time
Stability And Reliability
Audio Matrix Design
Real-Time Release Preview
Ultra High Definition Display
Vertical Screen Mode
Super Long Running Time
Linkage Alarm
Audio Matrix Design
Flexible user management
Application Industry Case

Inrelligent Command Center

In recent years, China's overall economic strength has increased

Large screen display system solution

Multimedia information control playing system

 intelligent control

Command center

Visualization system

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