Powerful Video and Image Processing Device
iSEMC T Series Video Wall Controller

iSEMC T Series Video
Wall Controller item family gives very expandable and adaptable answers for video show dividers, especially for substantial scale multi-screen frameworks. Equipped for incorporating any sort of video and information source on any showcase divider design, video wall controllers are generally utilized for achieving professional excellence in the following mentioned fields of digital media industry.

iSEMC T Series Video Wall Controller adopts FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) hardware graphics parallel processing and digital signal processing (DSP) technology to construct distributed and modularized hardware architecture. Its purpose-built hardware and embedded operating system are uniquely optimized for both mission-critical reliability and ultra-high-performance.Thanks to its implementation of cutting-edge, parallel processing hardware systems, Video Wall Controllers offer an astonishing 10Gbps of bandwidth per slot. Regardless of configuration requirement size, it provides fully real-time DVI/HDMI/RGB/SDI frame rates because of its truly none-blocking communication architecture.
∙ Up to 38x input slots and 36x output slots
∙ Up to 152x DVI, HDMI, HDBase-T, RGB or SDI inputs simultaneously (High-Definition video or WUXGA graphics)
∙ Up to 144-screen video wall
∙ Input resolution up to 4088×4088 pixels by Dual-Link DVI Input Capture Card
∙ Max Output resolution of 3840×2160@30Hz.

iSEMC T Series video wall controller has its own embedded operating system which increases its reliability, consistency and efficiency. our video wall controller’s operating system has user friendly graphical user interface for best user experience. it is a complete, integrated and intuitive software package for the control and management of video wall controller.(For more details please refer to our software user manual).


Software interface

Product family of iSEMC T Series

Main Chassis

Model iSEMC T2U iSEMC   T3U iSEMC      T6U iSEMC       T8U iSEMC       T12U iSEMC         T24U
Chassis 2U 3U 6U 8U 12U 24U
CPU Card 1 1 1 1 1 1
Switch Backplane 0 0 1 1 1 2
Input Slots 3 6 8 10 21 38
Output Slots 2 2 4 9 18 36
Function Slots 0 1 1 1 2 0
PSU Slots 2 1 2 5 5 5
PSU Quantity 2 1 1 Default1 Optional 1 Default3 Optional 1 Default3 Optional 2 Default3 Optional
Max SD Streaming Video Inputs 48 96 128 160 336 608
Max HD Streaming Video Inputs 12 24 32 40 84 152
Max Displays 8 8 16 36 72 144
CPU Card The CPU card has single 10/100MBase-Tx, single RS232 input serial port (DB9 female connector), single RS232 input serial port (DB9 male connector), and also supports network and serial port control and encryption functions.
Input Card Support the following input signals, including VGA, DVI-D, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, CVBS, HDBaseT, YPbPr/YCbCr, Twist-Pair and Fiber. Any combination is acceptable.
Output Card Support the following output signals, including DVI-I, twisted pair and HDBaseT. Any combination is acceptable.
Confidence Monitoring Cards The cards can be configured as a confidence monitor for the video wall controller. The monitor can show up to 32 windows per display. (iSEMC T24U doesn’t support this function.)
200W Power Supply For iSEMC-T2U
300W Redundant PSU For iSEMC-T6U, iSEMC-T8U, iSEMC-T12U and iSEMC-T24U
450W Redundant PSU For iSEMC-T6U, iSEMC-T8U, iSEMC-T12U and iSEMC-T24U
Adapter & Cable (Optional) DB-15 Male to 8 BNC Female Connector cable. Can be applied to connect to a 16 CVBS Input Card. DVI-I Analog Male to VGA Female Adapter
Control Methods
TCP/IP Control The Windows-based graphic user interface, Video Wall Controller, supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Serial-based Control isemc controllers can be controlled by a command line through an RS-232 serial port.
Third-Party Control isemc controllers are compatible with most control systems manufactured by third party companies such as AMX, Crestron, and RTI.
Mobile Terminal isemc provides specialized control apps for hand held wireless devices such as iPad®, iPhone®, Windows Phone®, and Android™ phones.
Video and Image Processing
Any Rectangular Video Wall Configuration can be supported. Screen order can be configured. One Screen can open up to four HD windowsInputs (windows) can be resized, layered and positioned across screen boundaries.

Inputs (windows) can be displayed in correct aspect ratio, stretched to fit, in full screen mode, or zoomed in to emphasize details.

Input sources can be cropped to remove the edge pixels and lines.

Dual-Link DVI Input (capture) cards support 4K ×4K resolution or a customizable resolution. Any source can be captured.


Chars OSD(on screen display) User-definable characters can be added to any input window.
Model 2U,3U,6U 8U,12U,24U
Max operating temp. 50 ºC 70ºC
Operating temp. 0 ºC to +50ºC 0 ºC to +70ºC
Storage temp. -25 to +85°C
Operating humidity < 90% (Non-condensing)
No Item Quantity Unit
1 iSEMC T series chasiss 1 Set
2 Instruction manual 2 Copy
3 Warranty Card 1 Sheet
6 Software (CD) 1 Sheet
8 Product-specific power cord 1 Piece
9 A dedicated serial port line 1 Piece
10 Adapter Adapter and other devices vary from devices Piece


Project Consultation

We start by collecting your project requirements such as the application environment, numbers of input and output channels and the signal types.

Solution Design

Our engineers will evaluate your requirements and then create a customized suitable hardware solution for your project.

Project Implementation

Once you have agreed with the solution and placed an order, we will proceed with the product preparation and testing. Normally, our delivery is within 2-3 days. We offer 2 years warranty and long term services based on RMA policy