Surveillance And Security

Project brief introduction

The solution of iSEMC security system comprehensively integrates command scheduling, video monitoring, network transmission, signal analysis and processing, data exchange, security linkage, implement access to the various business systems, to provide comprehensive, convenient, reliable, comprehensive and strong expansion through the communication platform for users. Multi level dispatching users can visualize in different locations, providing two-way real-time interactive voice, video and data to help commanders at all levels of command, quick decision-making, real-time scheduling, and emergency disposal. The system realizes the functions of video capture, data transmission, data exchange, equipment linkage, and the system becomes a entirety, which is simple and easy to operate.


Real-time video monitoring

According to the different monitoring demand, location and corresponding deployment scenarios, the front camera can be connected to the monitoring platform through the network. When we meet large amount of data, 24 hour uninterrupted supervision will be managed by disk array storage and real-time monitoring. The control program of scheduling system for all types of data is the key to the dispatching work, video wall display system continuously work for 7×24 hours, to ensure the timeliness of the scheduling and control.

Remote storage

The system supports image transmitting function, when multiple users reuqest real time viewing at the same time on the same image camera ,it uses media server to realize real-time transmission of image flow, reduces video bandwidth occupied by monitoring system at the same point, avoid network congestion caused by internal business disruptions.

Linkage alarm

After installing infrared detector in the front-end and accessing to the backend alarm host which is connected with sound and light alarm, once the illegal intrusion is detected, alarms will be sent out, and a series of linkages will be launched according to settings, when various types of alarms are generated, all alarm information will be collected at the business client side. Planning and on-site scene of each alarm linkage can be managed via the alarming interface, finally all kinds of alarm information will do classified statistics through the alarm information statistics, and linkage can be generated with video equipment simultaneously, to transfer live video to the display terminal in real time which can realize the alarm linkage function.

Patrol function

Patrol system can be featured as the project needs, to display patrol stations, staff and events. Patrol system is convenient for managers carring out effective management to security personnel

Preset management

The research and development of contingency plans can be carried out via an integrated security management platform, to realize input and linkage settings of various contingency plans. A resource directory can be formed through the abstraction of pre-arranged data elements and information resources. The integrated security management platform can be automatically associated with the corresponding contingency plans in the event of different police information. This is more convenient to help the management to make decision.

Electronic map

Support 3D multilayer electronic map; easily define the monitoring points and the alarm points on the map; support zoom map; alarm can be displayed in the relevant locations on the map when alarming; view scene images and make PTZ control by clicking on the alarm icon.

Decision-making support

Decision-making support collects information for HD display system: all kinds of information collected and arranged by the system, plus of analysis calculation results of various models are shown in the most simple and intuitive form according to the needs of the decision makers, to help decision makers quickly and accurately understand the current situation, analyze the pros and cons of various scheduling schemes, as well as help them better to make the right decisions.

Conduct analysis and intelligent investigation via video

Apply behavior analysis technology to do real-time video intelligent analysis, support analysis detections of a variety of events, including crossing the alert region, entering/leaving area, regional invasion, illegal parking, legacy, items lost, wandering, fast moving, personnel gather. Support behavior screening, personnel screening and vehicle screening functions; rapidly position targeted video clips; provide video to check the efficiency. Support automatic alarm, to improve the efficiency of monitoring and realize intelligent monitoring.

Command and scheduling

Conduct the on-site command scheduling to the events via PGIS, bayonet or other systems; call out the needed real-time video via geographic information of PGIS, and can switch live videos at any time according to the map. For example, control on each bayonet at the front end can be arranged via the bayonet system, when the suspect vehicle passes, it will send alarms to users.

Conduct investigation of cases based on video

Greatly improve the efficiency of video viewing through intelligent applications, such as video concentrating, abstract and retrieval; recover the blurred image to let the image details and characteristics more clearly through image enhancement, image restoration and other intelligent image processing technologies, to provide the actual security service.

User privilege management

User management supports various users, such as super administrator, user administrator and operator. Different users can be assigned different permissions for managing subsystem and equipment control configuration, such as: image browsing, cloud mirror control, video and image playing, TV wall operation etc.. Support authentication modes including user name plus of password, or USB Key, or user name, password +USB Key.

Data interaction

Data sharing, data processing and human-computer interaction can be realized through this system.

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Intelligent control

Automatically and intelligently control relevant devices in the setting conditions through the corresponding procedures and sensing devices, without manual operation.

Visual display

All systems will be presented in related ways, such as pictures, data, video, software interface, which are more intuitive and vivid.

Simplify Operation System

Multiple systems can be connected into single system to realize multiple systems docking, centralized management and control can simply complex systems.

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