Insufficient information is one major problem in the support service face from customers. For better quality service from the support staff in solving any problem you have quickly and effectively, it is compulsory that you provide detailed information as much as possible.

Our support team has a well quantified experience so feel free to contact them with any problems you may have. Be detailed with what you are trying to accomplish and they will advise you on the most suitable way to achieve your aims.

It would be extremely useful if you could provide the following details when contacting the customer support

  • The Model number of the product, including the serial number!
  • Version of the firmware in use.
  • The system you are using (motherboard, RAM, hardware and software, operating system and the driver in use).
  • Application software and version.
  • Number of screens or channels in use, type of sources our output e.g. DVI or Analog.
  • Provide the full details of any displayed error messages.
  • Details of what you were trying to achieve when the error occurred.
  • Details of what really happened through the error process

There is a chance the error you are experiencing is not experienced by our staff. We implore you to provide all the required information above so that they can assist you in troubleshooting the problem. As we are always concerned about customer satisfaction, very soon this section will include some of the more common technical support inquiries which can be solved quickly and easily with simple user intervention. Kindly ensure that all fields are completed as fully as possible.