We pride ourselves on a team of developers who are capable of realizing almost any creative or unusual A/V solution presented to them. They are always available to carry you along and make your purchase desires a reality. To bring out effective designs and solutions, our able team works day-in and day out with our customers for the best satisfactory result.

IP Solution


iSEMC controller IP solution offers a cinch and the most cost effective method to capture, control and display IP streaming contents. Different types of signals can be captured using this IP solution.

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HDBaseT Solution

hd video wall controller

With iSEMC controllers, HDBaseT solution offers a high definition sources capture and output over a single CAT5e/6 cable (up to 100m) for each channel. All this processes occur in just one system. One of the peculiar features of this HDBaseT solution is the ability…

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OEM Service

As the lead provider of video wall display products, iSEMC offers OEM partnership for certain eligible customers. We are devoted to helping our customers design and develop video wall controller solution and also customize the system to suit their needs.

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