iSEMC controller IP solution offers a cinch and the most cost effective method to capture, control and display IP streaming contents. Different types of signals can be captured using this IP solution. This can be achieved using the iSEMC existing video wall controller which consists of IP decoding cards and a variety of output cards. The sole purpose of these innovations is to achieve customers’ expectations and satisfaction.


With the use of an IP network and regardless of the input source, any captured signal can be controlled and displayed onto the video wall locally. This solution broadens the control center into a global base.

Key Characteristics

  • High flexibility on signal remote capture.
  • Has a Decoding capability of almost 256 H.264 1080p IP streaming and it decodes simultaneously in one system
  • It is highly compatible with existing IP basic equipment
  • It also support H.264 format and IP streams with RTSP protocol from NVRs, PCs, encoders and cameras
IP solution diagram