Integrated Intelligent Control

Project brief introduction

With the development of science and technology, more and more intelligent control equipment gradually merge into the life of people and the environment; a variety of application devices need control (from dozens to many hundreds or even thousands of sets) in various applications (such as large conference room, hall, intelligent office, etc.). How to effectively manage these electronic devices is the user’s headaches. If adopting the traditional way of management, a gradual switch system is required for individual devices, which will consume human greatly. At the same time, these devices may be needed to switch every day; some of them still need timing switch, which exert considerable pressure on the staff.

Along with the network popularization, the integrated intelligent control system based on network gradually attention by many users, iSEMC integrated intelligent control solution can be used to control for all equipment and used in an integrated intelligent control system, the administrator only need a touch screen (tablet, mobile phone, etc.), can be in any place of the corner, a key control all devices boot, shutdown, the working mode of corresponding equipment such as operation, can also set different switching sequence for different equipment and time point. That saves manpower and material resources, as well as saves energy.


Stability and reliability

The system adopts industrial grade centralized control system, and can be used only by power supply without any settings; it is convenient, direct and professional, not affected by the network or network viruses.
The system adopts the embedded system and industrial products, to ensure that the project is stable and reliable which is better than equipment adopting Android, IOS system and windows system.
Matured and high speed processor in the control industry, plus of programming software with most compatibility and flexibility make the control program more profound understanding of control requirements of the system, more thoughtful care of every detail, so as to make the control system more stable and reliable.

Support multi control modes

The system enables control a variety of devices by adopting network, infrared, serial port, bus communication and other methods.

Support a variety of control protocols

The system can support a variety of control protocols, the equipment required control can achieve seamless docking with the iSEMC integrated intelligent control system with the relevant control protocol.

System is customized

The system supports customized development; namely, develop a series of software for enterprises based on the project and the actual function needs of users and control processes. Customized development is targeted at actual situations of different projects, can meet users’ requirements for the next few years and future development demands, as well as develop applicable procedures; users can freely operate software, to meet the user-specific usage habits.

Intelligent system

The system can adopt intelligent transmission system based on science and technology, such as display, video, audio, electronics, control, network, computer, automatically obtain the sensing information (such as personnel entering, light brightness, time and other information). Intelligently control the controlled equipment by sensing information, thus reducing the manual operation of daily life, as well as bringing convenience and comfort to people’s life.

Docking of multiple systems and platforms

The system is able connect with security monitoring system, video conference system, visual intercom system, intelligent lighting system, audio processing system, video processing system, access control attendance system, Internet system, and many other systems and docking platform, form a complete integrated intelligent control platform, it can be a key to control multiple system of all equipment, or control the single equipment of each system, don’t have to manually open each system software, control the equipment of each system, it has realized the integration of multiple systems.

System visualization

All control interface can be tailored according to the actual projects, all operation interfaces of equipment are words and pictures, which are very convenient for operation; the general staff operate freely after simple training, without needs for professionals.
Enable to display information of corresponding video images, weather, temperature, pictures and maps in real time, and can display the running status of related systems or equipment. If other systems or equipment are failed, the system will timely alarm, to remind the operators of equipment failure.
The interface is easy for understanding; buttons with text and pictures present you with new appearance. Even if non-professionals not familiar with the equipment, can easily control many devices through the touch screen.

Wide range of applications

The system is widely used for control various devices, which are used in intelligent conference room, video intercom, intelligent community, intelligent office, command center, smart home, distance education, video conferencing, monitoring center and other projects.

Powerful centralized control

The system has complete control system, can control the most professional or non professional equipment. Smart buttons, which can realize system pretreatment or one key multifunction, make the system more intelligent and automatic.

Super long running time

The system can support 365 days x24 hours of continuous operation, with an average failure time of MTBF up to 50 thousand hours.

Application industry