Powerful Video and Image Processing Device
iSEMC Digital Signage

Product Features

• Slimy beauty, rock solid durability, high brightness;
• Super silent of fanless design with stable performance, low power consumption;
• Easy installation, easy to maintain;
• RS232 and Ethernet PC control channels;
• All control commands and video contents are being transferred though IP, meet the focus-type of businesses;
• Various presentation formats available, displaying video, photo, flash, web content, PPT slides, and more;
• Designed for 24/7 usage.

Standalone Version

Network Version

Plug-and-play mode: there is an external interface at the back of the machine ,which is available to update the content through the use of USB and SD cards. Only one power connector, all the information can be easily displayed.
No time limit, no location constraint, oriented management and broadcasting of audio and image-text information. These functions could satisfy distributed issuing business.
The internal integration of a built-in operating system and storage system additional external devices,

It is customized according to the specific application needs of the customers (such as cameras, infrared sensors, Bluetooth and other functions).


Project Consultation

We start by collecting your project requirements such as the application environment, numbers of input and output channels and the signal types.

Solution Design

Our engineers will evaluate your requirements and then create a customized suitable hardware solution for your project.

Project Implementation

Once you have agreed with the solution and placed an order, we will proceed with the product preparation and testing. Normally, our delivery is within 2-3 days. We offer 2 years warranty and long term services based on RMA policy