Digital Signage System

Project brief introduction

The multimedia information control & play system (hereinafter referred to as the information release system) is composed of server, network, player, display terminal equipment, transmit the multimedia information from the server to the player via the internet (WAN/LAN/private networks, including wireless network); and then players transfer the combined information (including playing position and contents, etc.), such as audio and video, pictures, text to the LCD screen (with audio input) and other terminal display equipment.


Centralized management and control

Conduct remote control through the WAN network, no need to manually change cards or insert cards to play different advertising information contents aiming at different audiences at different places in different time periods. Software upgrades can also be remotely operated, no need for on-site operation.

Real-time release

Timely release routine information, emergency information, unexpected events, access to media files; realize simultaneous publish of real-time information including bank’s foreign exchange, fund interest rates, policies and regulations, promotion activities, weather forecasts, clocks and others.


Efficient and stable embedded design, plug and play; the system will not slow down for a long time boot, not infected with virus.

Screen-splitting function

Specify to play multimedia contents at any specified positions in the screen, including TV, video, pictures, PPT, FLASH, streaming media files, etc.. The appearance and shape of the played contents can be controlled arbitrarily, and can be arranged into a square, a rectangle, a circle and an ellipse; the hierarchical relationship among the multiple player objects can be specified.

Material in a variety of formats

The system supports materials including pictures, all video files, FLASH, PPT, web pages, subtitles, streaming media files, all kinds of clocks, weather forecast components, etc..

Information release

Release the real-time surrounding entertainment and tourist attractions information through the information release system, display and forecast weather information and the world clock, to provide customers with fast and convenient information.

Brand propaganda

Carry on different brand propaganda according to brand characters through the information dissemination system, to enhance the propaganda’s effectiveness pertinence.

Advertisement operation

Release information by cooperating with merchants through the information distribution system, such as merchant information, shopping and tourist attractions’ preferential activities, to achieve win-win business with merchants.

Send emergency notices

In case of emergencies, information dissemination system can be used to provide services, such as guiding the evacuation of passengers and advising emergency events.

Real time

Real-time data can be released via the real-time data interface or WEB information, to provide users with corresponding real-time dynamic information.

Support live play

In the video area for information release, the television live play signal can be transmitted through coding devices of the digital television.

HD playback

Support various media HD playback, including various pictures and videos in different forms.

Network function

·Support all existing IP network and network protocols, as well as provide guarantee for service quality.
·Real-time information release: rolling subtitles, pictures, video and other spots.
·Network update broadcast content, no need of manual change.
·Manage the play terminals in the centralized or distributed management modes via network, supporting hierarchic and partition management.
·Remotely upgrade player firmware, without the need for technicians to operate on the player terminals.

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