Np lite video wall controller software design

Control Rooms

The intuitive interface, fast, simple and accurate control room software design can make the control room more efficient than ever.

The customized interface design can manage more and more sources, content and data. The control room design software strikes a balance between maintaining the overall reliability and availability of the operator.
The growing complexity of control rooms present great challenges for System Integrators.
Delivering the right solution
Producing solution designs driven by end-user requirements.
Knowing what works
Understand the functions and compatibility of the software and hardware that make up the solution.
Enable ongoing maintenance and support for a solution built on technologies from different vendors.
System Integrator

For the System Integrator

Single integrated platform

Full end-to-end design, management and control of your project from a single, intuitive interface.

KVM Function

The control room design ensures smooth operation and response for KVM function.

Freedom to design

Design solutions based on user requirements,   not technical capabilities and limitations of specific products.

Management of all solution components

Easily configure and manage all workstations, video walls, sources, and connectivity between them.

Overview and diagram of Np Series control room workstations
content sources, video walls and networks.
av over ip diagram
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