Command Center

Project brief introduction

iSEMC control central system solution is a comprehensive command and scheduling integrated solution, used for coordinating different regions and departments (may in different regions); it can realize unified commands, rapid reaction, combined action functions, with features such as complete intellectualized designs, visualization, digitalization and collaboration. Moreover, the system also can conduct intelligent dispatch, comprehensive presentation, coordinative command; realize more scientific dispatch decision-making support, fast sharing of each point’s information; thus, it enhances to response speed and working efficiency to unexpected events.


Ultra high definition display

Appropriate designs can be made according to the project’s real needs; the display system, mainly composing DID screen, DLP splicing screen, LED display screen with little space, the system can support multiple 1080P HD input sources and max input resolution supports up to 3840×2160@60Hz.Single channel max output resolution supports up to 3840×2160@60Hz. it also supports high resolution background map, up to 65535×65535 pixels.

The application of multi function

Our system can work together with the supporting video matrix, VGA matrix, mixed matrix, controller and so on. Thus, the system can be connected to a computer network system, video conferencing system, live camera and other independent computer workstation, to achieve the integrated display of these computer graphics and video image information, as well as meet various needs of meeting, conference, command and scheduling, and then provide an intuitive, interactive and flexible display system.

Recording & playback function

iSEMC command center system solution enables recording and playback feature in the appropriate work modes; video, sound and other contents (such as PPT) of the conference system and speakers can be simultaneously encoded into standard IP streaming format in full hardware device mode, and then transmit through the network. The post-process is conducted within the recording & playback platform, including picture dynamic synthesization, streaming media publishing etc.. Visitiors can instantly watch contents of the live audio-video and pictures via WEB or dedicated media player. Contents will be automatically stored in the server after meetings. Moreover, the system also provides VOD services.

Scheduling function

iSEMC command center system solution can be equipped with the scheduling system according to the actual project needs, realize functions such as video scheduling and surveillance, video conferencing, live video acquisition and transmission by intelligent mobile phone. The system can satisfy the communication demands of one hundred thousand user level, support hot backup, as well as combine with wireless communication mode and the loops, such as satellite, WiFi, GSM, CDMA, cluster intercom, radio, plus of E1 wired communication mode, so as to meet user requirements of wireless and wired communication scheduling.

iSEMC command center system can realize operations, including forcedly insert call, remove and cut-through, monitoring, group call, automatic queuing service, real time status display, call holding, call transfer, call bridging, forcedly insert call, helping receiving call, forbidding call, monitoring, recording, remote scheduling, call in turn, emergency pre-planning, emergency broadcast, application of SMS, voice intercom.

Multiple system centralized control

iSEMC command center system solution adopts advanced design concepts and products with leading technologies, plus of intelligent centralized control system, conducts centralized control for various systems, including large screen display system (DLP large screen / LCD splitting /LED display screen etc), video processing system, voice dispatching system, command and control system, system of sound pickup and sound reinforcement, to achieve information mining, assistant decision making, communication and command, centralized control; thus, the operation is more simple and convenient.

System visualization

Compared with traditional command systems, the iSEMC command central system realize visualization, and all subsystems are presented in the way of pictures, data, video, software interface; thus, the system is more intuitive and image.

Compatible with third-party devices

The system can be seamlessly connected with third party devices or software, to achieve the overall scheduling and control.

Intelligent linkage control

When several devices needing control, the traditional manual control needs  controlling multiple systems respectively. Equipment operation and switching speed depends on the level of personnel operation, needing for special control. The system can realize the intelligent linkage control of equipment by the corresponding logic, not needing manual operation.

The automatic handling of emergencies

When there is emergency, the system automatically push emergency information (such as video, text, sound and light alarm, audio and other information), to remind the relevant personnel to deal with emergency events, which can be automatically processed according to the corresponding program.

Multi-level scheduling

The system combines voice, video, data and business flow as a whole, via IP network; a whole set of system can be dispatched in ministerialm, provincial and municipal centers respectively by the multi-stage deployment mode. The multi-level real-time intercom of command center can be realized by dispatching equipment with IP mode access to the command center.

The system is stable and reliable

The system is stable and reliable because of adopting mature technologies, not infected with the virus; it has been successfully applied to a number of projects, with mature project experience.

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