What Features Make Video Walls Beneficial For Your Business?

Thinking of installing a video wall at your workplace or educational institution? If yes, then it is better to understand the structure and characteristic of Video Wall. Let us know what actually this video wall is, why it is able to draw attention and turn heads wherever it is placed. It is probably fair to […]

6 Remarkable Advantages of Video Walls

Whether for advertising or information display, if you want to get some specific message across, you need a solution that can communicate information and do a leg work for you. And, video wall is the best solution for this. A video wall has prominent benefits in the world of multi-media and it can be effectively […]

6 Tips for Successful Video Design and Installation

Installation and design of a large-scale video wall is not a piece of cake. Proper planning is necessary along with choosing the right set of equipment, for creating an impact on the team, clients, visitors, buyers or students. Lack of knowledge and planning can raise you installation cost and chances of deploying successful advertising content […]

Know the Benefits Offered by Video Walls

If you are thinking that why to spend a considerable amount on a video wall system when a single large display, a set of individual monitors or a front projector could be used. Then, it is imperative to understand that a complete wall system can deliver flexibility, interactivity and performance which is hard to achieve […]

Things to Consider when Installing Video Walls for Higher Education Colleges

Educational Institutes opting for a video wall solution on their campus creates a wow factor and portrays the institution as one that is technologically sound-savvy. This also facilitates additional advantages that help teach better and reach out to students through audio-visual mediums. Having said that, it is absolutely essential to be clear as to why […]

Why should you invest in a Good Video Wall Controller?

Video wall controllers are an essential tool for those who use multiple displays for promotions or streaming videos. You must have noticed these in various shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants and other such places. All of the displays screens placed together form one large display screen that plays your video. This one time investment can […]

How to Ensure Success of Video Wall Solution

Video walls are not only increasing in popularity but also becoming a part of marketing strategy of various brands and businesses across the globe. Smart business owners just like you already know the fact that video wall can work wonders and make your business lucrative. Moreover, these large size screens are never a small undertaking […]


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