Multi-control, High Reliability Image Processing Device
iSEMC B Series Video Wall Controller

iSEMC B series video wall controllers are new generation with pure-hardware image processing devices developed by our company on the basis of previous series. It is not only compatible with the good performance of the fast speed of the previous processor but also provided with the brand-new system structure, the data exchange system, data processing and device structure at the same time, which can process various varieties of videos and the network data processing. In short, it is a powerful high-end image processing device. Its basic function is that it can display multiple dynamic images on a number of display terminals simultaneously, which is mainly used in large-screen display wall display system and is the core of the display control equipment of the system.

iSEMC B series video wall controller can accept a variety of high-resolution formats video signal, like RGB/VGA, DVI, HDMI, C-Video, YpbPr. It can also adjust and alternate the window size, showing location, and image ratio of video according to users’ demand and finally output unified format of VGA/RGB and DVI signals.

iSEMC B series is a pure hardware image processing equipment, whose core depends on its powerful processing capability and high stability. It adopts the embedded structure design, and the entire closed operation system. Each module is relatively independent and be unified managed by the embedded control module to complete the image processing tasks.

Image processing module Parallel computing chip FPGA: single capacity: 70000LESerial operation chip DSP: single speed: 5.4G/S
The scale of the system bus Single-channel LVDS speed: 4G / S2U device: 72 path x 4G / S

4U device: 144 path x 4G/S

4U device: 288 path x 4G/S

4U device: 576 path x 4G/S

4U device: 864 path x 4G/S

Image display capability Existing in the single output channel: 256MOutput video memory: Nx256M where N is the output channel number

Display the unit arrangement: in rectangle or a part of it.

Output resolution: 800×600 to 2048×1080

Colour Depth: 24

Output signal: DVI-I connector, integrating analogue digital output.

Video signal input Composite video Interface BNC, 4/8 interfaces one group, configurableFormat: NTSC,PAL,SECAM self-adaptation

Component video (YPbPr): HD15 interface, 4 in a group, can be configured

Resolution: 480 to 1080P

Digital video Interface BNC, a group of four  configurable

Resolution: 480I to 1080P

RGB Input Interface: HD15 (DVI-HD15 adapter), 2/4 in one group, can be configuredResolution: 800×600 to 1920×1200, a special resolution can be added

Clock: 170M / S

Single-link DVI input Interface: DVI-I, 2/4 interfaces one group, configurable.Resolution: 800×600 to 1920×1200, or special resolution

Clock: to 165M / S

Dual link DVI-I inputs Interface: DVI-I (24+5), 1/2 group, can be configuredResolution: 800×600 to 1920×1200, or special resolution

Clock: 2x165M / S

Online video input Interface: RJ45, 1 groupResolution: Video to 1920×1200, or special resolution

Clock: 100M / S

DVI-I outputs Interface: DVI-I, integrating analogue output and digital outputInterface number: 2/4 in one group, 1024×768 to 1920×1200

Clock: to 165M / S

Facility environment Operating temperature: -15-60 ° CStorage temperature: -30-75 ° C

Operating Humidity :10-90% no condensation

Storage humidity 5-95% non-condensing

Recovery time: 2h

Altitude: 20,000 feet

Power requirements Input voltage: AC100-240V   50HZFrequency: 50/60Hz
Specification of equipment 2U device:Input slot: 16, video up to 128, RGB/DVI up to 8

Output slot: 2 slots, output at most 8 for DVI-I

Device dimension:8.8x45x50cm(HxWxD)

Max Power: 220W

4U device:

Input slot: 16, video up to 32, RGB/DVI up to 64

Output slot: four slots, output at most 16 for DVI-I

Device dimension:18.5x45x50cm(HxWxD)

Maximum Power: 400W

8U device:

Input slot: 8, video up to 128, RGB/DVI up to 64

Output slot: 32 slots, output at most 128 for DVI-I

Device dimension: 37x45x50cm (HxWxD).

Maximum Power: 800W

16U device

Input slot: 16, video up to 128, RGB/DVI up to 64

Output slot: sixteen slots, output at most 64for DVI-I.

Device dimension: 74x45x50cm (HxWxD).

Maximum Power: 1500W

24U device

Input slot: 24, video up to 192, RGB/DVI up to 96

Output slot: 32 slots, output at most 128 for DVI-I

Device dimension:120x45x50cm(HxWxD)

Maximum Power: 2400W

No Item Quantity Unit
1 iSEMC B series host 1 Set
2 Instruction manual 2 Copy
3 Remote controller 1 Piece
4 Warranty Card 1 Sheet
5 ☆ Product certificate 1 Sheet
6 Software (CD) 1 Sheet
7 antistatic gloves 1 Pair
8 Product-specific power cord 1 Piece
9 A dedicated serial port line 1 Piece
10 Adapter Adapter and other devices vary from devices Piece


Project Consultation

We start by collecting your project requirements such as the application environment, numbers of input and output channels and the signal types.

Solution Design

Our engineers will evaluate your requirements and then create a customized suitable hardware solution for your project.

Project Implementation

Once you have agreed with the solution and placed an order, we will proceed with the product preparation and testing. Normally, our delivery is within 2-3 days. We offer 2 years warranty and long term services based on RMA policy